Information Technology is an essential tool these days for managing geodata. Geoinformatics (Geo- IT) intends provides applications such as:
• Monitoring, management and processing of geo-referenced data from campaign and permanent GNSS networks;
• Automatic systems to monitor natural phenomena in (near-)real time.

MIRASpaco develops innovative solutions that intend to create state-of-the-art Geo-IT services and products by merging the acquired experience with the academic background.

Services and products offered by MIRASpaco:

  • MIRACoor: Automatic and dedicated estimation of coordinates with respect to global and national referentials;
  • MIRANet: Management of GNSS networks using web-services;
  • MIRARouter: Integrated software/hardware solutions to access remote devices;
  • Automatization of procedures to estimate geo-products (e.g., water vapor, position time- series).