Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) stations, in particular Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS), are nowadays the best option to establish geodetic networks that permit to materialize the fundamental reference frame of a country and/or to stream Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections for geo-referencing (e.g., surveying) applications.

MIRASpaco, connecting the scientific and technical worlds, has been developing and installing systems that are particularly optimized for regions where the existing logistics are still adverse. Recent examples are the coordination of the installation and/or rehabilitation of national geodetic reference frames based on GNSS CORS networks in several countries of Africa (e.g., Mozambique, Nigeria, Angola) and Asia (e.g., Bhutan and Brunei). The developed systems (dedicated solutions in terms of hardware and software) permit to install geodetic (and other) systems completely autonomous in terms of power and using low-cost but efficient solutions to transmit data and access the systems remotely.

MIRASpaco, using academic processing software packages, and state-of-art methodologies and models, can also provide accurate coordinates (sub-centimeter level) for reference stations in order to define and materialize new geocentric reference frames or densify existing ones. MIRASpaco also offers the continuous monitoring of the long-term stability of geodetic monuments in order to guarantee the quality of the reference networks.

Services offered by MIRASpaco:

  • Installation and rehabilitation of GNSS CORS networks;
  • Dedicated and flexible solutions to transmit and manage GNSS data for post-processing and RTK;
  • Definition and update of Geocentric reference frames based on Space Geodetic tools;
  • Estimation of accurate coordinates with respect to global and/or national reference frames.