Training and formation are constant and fundamental components to advance any organization. MIRASpaco, with their academic background, have vast experience connecting the theoretical knowledge with practical experience, which is necessary to efficiently implement best practices for geo-data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

One essential component of every new project is the capacity building that guarantees the long- term sustainability. MIRASpaco ensures knowledge transference at different levels according with the requirements and needs of the organizations. It ranges from field practical training focused on data acquisition and equipment operation to academic courses at undergraduate and graduate level (in collaboration with University of Beira Interior).

Services offered by MIRASpaco:

  • GNSS data acquisition and processing;
  • Operation of GNSS networks;
  • Gravimetric data acquisition and Geoid Computations;
  • UAV and LiDAR;
  • Other Geomatics and Geophysical areas;